Keep the worship of God flowing in your home. Make it a melody in your heart. Sing the goodness of the Lord from the mountain tops and let it reach to the valley’s. Make it known to the world how Great your God is to you. Proclaim His name and His wonderful acts. 

Luv U First~xoxo

Surrender All

Are you coming up empty with God?

Do you find yourself struggling and without?

What have God given you that you are not using?

What is in your hand?

What did you do with the talent that God has given you?

God desires for us to surrender our gifts to Him.

He has given each of us a purpose.

We are to use the gifts that God has given us for His glory.

Our gifts are to be utilize for the building of Gods kingdom.

Everything we do is for the glory of God.

How can you utilize your gifts for the Kingdom Of God?

Surrender your gift!

Matthew 25:14-30 (nkjv)

Luv U First ~ xoxo

The Extension Of Your Arms

Though you seem so far away yet you are very near

There is no storm nor tribulation that can come between us

Every day I am tempted by the things of this world to pull me apart from you





But I choose to be close and consumed by you

Some people may have options but I have no options but to trust you

You are my lifeline

There is no me without you

So I thank you for being so very near even though sometimes you feel far away

I thank you for leaning towards me and giving me your ear

I thank you for simply thinking of me when there was a time that I did not think of you

I offended you so many times but yet you forgave me consistently

Thank you Lord for extending your arms to console me

There is nobody like you Lord

Wonderful you are

You are love unconditional

Sweet and majestic you are

There is no comparison to you

Thank you for being you

Choose to Worship

Sometimes in life we are in positions that is challenging, lonely, troublesome, and it feels like we are isolated. Even in these positions we have to stir up a praise and worship:

“O’ God thou art my God, even in my time of trouble I longeth for you Lord. I want and thirst for your presence. I am in pursuit of you. You are what I desire. Consume me with your presence and free me from a trouble mind. You are GREATER than any problem that I have. There is none like you and never will be.”

Seeking God in your wilderness situations will give you access to His presence. In His presence you will be filled with strength to overcome every obstacle that you are faced with. In His presence He will satisfy your thirst for Him. The answer to a trouble mind is in the presence of God. Only He can satisfy your thirst. Only He can fill you with peace and cease the storm that wishes to overtake you. It is in God’s presence where you will find true joy. Choose to worship and praise God in-spite of your troubles!

Written by Nikki L. Davis

Luv U First~xoxo

In The Storm

It is in the STORM where you are able to see the hand of God upon your life

It is where we feel the rocking of His arms

The calmness of His voice and the direction of His hand

It is where we find peace although we are in chaos




Have become closer than ever

The word of God has become food for our soul

We thrive in the word of God

It keeps us planted and the rivers of water is our strength

Though the STORMS are raging and fear tries to flood our soul

We shall remain anchored in His word

It is in our knowing that reminds us of the goodness of our father

Our emotions share with us how big the STORM is and tells us that it will never end

Our emotions tell us we have every reason to fear and that we cannot see our way

It dictates to us that the STORM will soon consume us and that we are going under

We mine as well give up and there is no way out

Our emotions pull and grasp for us to die in our affliction

We are leading a life of blindness

We are not able to see due to the STORM

Yet we refuse to attend to our emotions

We will be like Peter and keep our eyes on the Father and let Him lead us through the STORM

We will not faint

In spite of our emotions we know our God is with us and He will not let us fail as long as we continue to stay focus on Him in the STORM

Written by Nikki L Davis

Luv U First ~ xoxo

Nothing is Impossible

Lord you said, “…I say to you, if you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you.”

Matthew 17:20 (nkjv)

Luv U First ~ xoxo


It is a tragedy when we consume ourselves with “TO DO LISTS.” To become  an individual that is excessively organized, systematized, prearranged, and logical is sad because there is no room for God. We prepare our lives strategically to comfort ourselves. It prevents us from hearing God. We spend our days in a rush and in panic of trying to complete our plans. Desperately wanting to achieve our goals. Not knowing that we are not hearing that small gentle, yet, powerful voice of God in our ear. How can we hear God or expect Him to shift our life when we are so compartmentalized with our “TO DO LISTS.”

We are most definitely preoccupied with the cares of our life. Our lives are in a box and it is full of projects, so full that we are not able to see our way out. Between running errands, dropping off and picking up our children, appointments, work, homework, preparing dinner, doctors’ appointments, hair appointments, assisting others and challenges. We have become lost in our ambitions. We are so industrious and occupied with our goals and don’t even realize that God is absent in our plans.

I get we are busy and there is affairs that need to be done in our life, but please I beg you, include God. He is an intricate part in our life that is necessary. He is the air that we breathe. He gives us the capacity to engage in the “TO DO LISTS.” He is the source. Why not include Him. Why not seek Him first in all that we do. Life will be less complicated. The peace that we seek is not accomplishing the “TO DO LIST.”  It is achieving and realizing that our relationship with God is far more significant than any goal that we desire to achieve. Seek God first and everything else will fall in place.

Written by Nikki L. Davis

Luv U First ~ xoxo

Inspirational Scripture – Matthew 6:33