This journey is tough and tedious

Down the road I believe I see a small shadow of LIGHT

I sense I am drawing near

The closer I get the tougher it becomes

It is no doubt that I am proceeding in the right direction

The opposition is getting stronger

Challenges and struggles are appearing out of know where

This journey is bringing me trials

Struggles I never thought that I will have to encounter

As I look ahead

The LIGHT is no longer a shadow it is a beautiful LIGHT

A LIGHT that is drawing me nearer and causing me to gain strength

A LIGHT that resurrects the power that is deep down inside battling to get out

I focus on the LIGHT

It represents the PROMISE that I am pressing towards

A PROMISE that never changes but stands firm in its stand

A PROMISE that gives me the push to remain strong in my challenges and struggles

A PROMISE that the Lord has given me since my creation

Satan is mad

I know who and whose I am

He is fighting me with weapons unheard of and he will not stop until he see me dead in my creativity

Just like him I will not give up

I will not be satisfied with mediocre life

I will not be satisfied being less than what God created me to be

I will not be satisfied until I fully become what my creator has called me to be

The PROMISE is what I thirst for

I crave desperately for it

I won’t stop until I embrace the PROMISE

The PROMISE is what gives me the influence to remain in my stand and not be move by the winds and waves

It gives me the focus to fix my mind on the knowledge which was given to me

God’s word never changes

It will do what it is accomplished to do

I will fight!

Written by Nikki L. Davis (09/10/2015)

Luv U First-xoxo

James 1:2-8


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