It is a tragedy when we consume ourselves with “TO DO LISTS.” To become  an individual that is excessively organized, systematized, prearranged, and logical is sad because there is no room for God. We prepare our lives strategically to comfort ourselves. It prevents us from hearing God. We spend our days in a rush and in panic of trying to complete our plans. Desperately wanting to achieve our goals. Not knowing that we are not hearing that small gentle, yet, powerful voice of God in our ear. How can we hear God or expect Him to shift our life when we are so compartmentalized with our “TO DO LISTS.”

We are most definitely preoccupied with the cares of our life. Our lives are in a box and it is full of projects, so full that we are not able to see our way out. Between running errands, dropping off and picking up our children, appointments, work, homework, preparing dinner, doctors’ appointments, hair appointments, assisting others and challenges. We have become lost in our ambitions. We are so industrious and occupied with our goals and don’t even realize that God is absent in our plans.

I get we are busy and there is affairs that need to be done in our life, but please I beg you, include God. He is an intricate part in our life that is necessary. He is the air that we breathe. He gives us the capacity to engage in the “TO DO LISTS.” He is the source. Why not include Him. Why not seek Him first in all that we do. Life will be less complicated. The peace that we seek is not accomplishing the “TO DO LIST.”  It is achieving and realizing that our relationship with God is far more significant than any goal that we desire to achieve. Seek God first and everything else will fall in place.

Written by Nikki L. Davis

Luv U First ~ xoxo

Inspirational Scripture – Matthew 6:33


One comment

  1. Auntie Betty VictorvilleCA · September 16, 2015

    Good words! I know The Creator/God/NTR is pleased. AMEN & SHALOM

    PEACE !

    Lovingly & Affectionately
    16 Sep 15/2044 Hr(8:44P)

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