In The Storm

It is in the STORM where you are able to see the hand of God upon your life

It is where we feel the rocking of His arms

The calmness of His voice and the direction of His hand

It is where we find peace although we are in chaos




Have become closer than ever

The word of God has become food for our soul

We thrive in the word of God

It keeps us planted and the rivers of water is our strength

Though the STORMS are raging and fear tries to flood our soul

We shall remain anchored in His word

It is in our knowing that reminds us of the goodness of our father

Our emotions share with us how big the STORM is and tells us that it will never end

Our emotions tell us we have every reason to fear and that we cannot see our way

It dictates to us that the STORM will soon consume us and that we are going under

We mine as well give up and there is no way out

Our emotions pull and grasp for us to die in our affliction

We are leading a life of blindness

We are not able to see due to the STORM

Yet we refuse to attend to our emotions

We will be like Peter and keep our eyes on the Father and let Him lead us through the STORM

We will not faint

In spite of our emotions we know our God is with us and He will not let us fail as long as we continue to stay focus on Him in the STORM

Written by Nikki L Davis

Luv U First ~ xoxo


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