Choose to Worship

Sometimes in life we are in positions that is challenging, lonely, troublesome, and it feels like we are isolated. Even in these positions we have to stir up a praise and worship:

“O’ God thou art my God, even in my time of trouble I longeth for you Lord. I want and thirst for your presence. I am in pursuit of you. You are what I desire. Consume me with your presence and free me from a trouble mind. You are GREATER than any problem that I have. There is none like you and never will be.”

Seeking God in your wilderness situations will give you access to His presence. In His presence you will be filled with strength to overcome every obstacle that you are faced with. In His presence He will satisfy your thirst for Him. The answer to a trouble mind is in the presence of God. Only He can satisfy your thirst. Only He can fill you with peace and cease the storm that wishes to overtake you. It is in God’s presence where you will find true joy. Choose to worship and praise God in-spite of your troubles!

Written by Nikki L. Davis

Luv U First~xoxo


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